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I’m Sorry, Ma’am… What Type Of Paste Were You Looking For?

Butt Paste

That’s an awfully fancy sounding name for an organization that makes a product called butt paste.  Unless… does France make all the best butt pastes?  They might.  I really have no idea, and I’m not willing to do the necessary research in order to find out.  Regardless, this product needs a more appropriate name in order to become a huge hit, something that really suits butt paste and the various other butt-specific items on their product line… a name like Uncle Howie’s Butt Paste, for example.  Or how about Big Ed’s Butt Paste?  I might purchase paste for my butt if it were personally endorsed by a big guy named Ed, affectionately known as “Big Ed.”  Just giving you some constructive feedback, Boudreaux family.


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