A Money Saver But A Heart Breaker

Are you serious with that?  I’m not trying to jot down a phone number here; I’m trying to remove water from the surface of my skin after using one of the many sinks in this restroom.  My hands are sopping wet, and this guy’s acting like I only need something to wrap a macaroon with.

Now I have to stand here like an idiot, waiting for that annoying red light to turn off so I can swipe my hand by the motion detector again and receive another inadequate ration of paper towel.  I might even have to repeat the process one or two more times after that, depending on whether or not I decide to rinse off my face with my wet hands first.  A wet face plus two still moderately wet hands require considerably more dry surface area than this disgraceful attempt at towel delivery.  Take some pride in your work, powers that be; you’re embarrassing yourselves.


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