About WIR

Matt and Blake in 2005 (in Germany)

Dear Readers,

WhatIRealized.com is the illegitimate brainchild of former fat kids Blake Reiter and Matt Perlmutter.  This blog is the product of years of human observation.  We realize something, take a picture, and then tell you about it.  That’s it.  It’s very simple.

We also create words for things that don’t already have words.  Here, check it out.

You might be thinking, “If it’s two of you, why is your website called WhatIRealized dot com, as opposed to WhatWeRealized dot com?” Well, smartass, we own that web domain too.  Go ahead, type WhatWeRealized.com into your browser and see what happens.  Right back to WhatIRealized.   YES!  In your face!

We’re not weird; you’re weird.

– Blake and Matt


  • All of our friends and family who have inspired and contributed material and ideas
  • Evan Hoberman – for being the most physically attractive webmaster we’ve ever worked with
  • Rebecca Perl – for taking the time away from her music to design our logo
  • Ian Stern Millican, Esq – for completing law school for the sole purpose of being our in-house counsel
  • Djimon Hounsou – for existing, in general (we love you, Djimon)
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