According To WIR, Wed. July 11th Never Happened


We regret to inform you that late during the night of Tues. July 10th, the gentlemen behind the website known as What I Realized (WIR) accidentally collided testicles with one another, resulting in one horrifically crushed testicle for each gentleman.  It was a terribly painful ordeal for them, both physically and emotionally, from which they are still both in recovery.  Needless to say, a post was unlikely yesterday.  If you are wondering how this happened, let’s just say it involved jousting poles, early 1990’s NBA jerseys, and reruns of the American Gladiators.

They appreciate your support during this trying time, while their balls heal from the disastrous head-on collision.  Just to clarify, when I just said “balls,” I didn’t mean that either of them had BOTH of his balls crushed.  Again, for the record, they each had ONE ball crushed as a result of a direct testicle-to-testicle collision… so together, they technically have a total of two crushed balls, which is why I used the plural “balls” in the first sentence of this paragraph.  It’s important that you know that each gentleman still has one perfectly fine and intact testicle.

Normal WIR posting will be back later today, you beautiful readers, you.


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  1. your mother says:

    Does this mean I will only have half a grandchild??

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