Are We Really Doing This?

“Are you gonna do it?” Corey asked Harriett as he contemplated whether or not he should join in the standing ovation.  At the moment of Corey’s inquisition, the standing-O had an audience participation rate of approximately 37%, and that percentage was climbing with each second that passed.  Corey didn’t want to stand.  It’s not that he didn’t enjoy the show – in fact, he enjoyed it very much. It’s just that he was so comfy in his seat, and in his mind, when it comes to expressing approval for a performance, there’s little difference between standing up, as opposed to simple seated applause coupled with the occasional boisterous exclamation of “Wooooot woooot!”.

I mean, come on. Would the actors be more appreciative if he stood up and clapped, but eliminated the cheers of “Wooooot woooot!”? I don’t think so. They probably wouldn’t even be able to tell Corey was standing with those lights shining in their eyes, but they can hear those “Woooot wooot!” cheers loud and clear, baby.  In conclusion, Corey, you can certainly remain seated, so long as you compensate for your lack of standing with something oral.


One Response to “Are We Really Doing This?”

  1. The GN says:

    Probably wouldn’t be the first time Corey compensated for his deficiencies with something oral. NAILED IT!

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