Attention To Detail

Normally, we at What I Realized try to avoid hot-button issues and controversial, politically charged topics.  But this particular subject needs to be addressed, and the time is now.  This is how revolutions begin, I think.

Anyway, the photos above represent two opposing sides of a longstanding debate over toilet paper roll orientation.  I strongly prefer the orientation displayed on the left, with the active end of the TP in front of the rest of the roll.  The formation shown on the right, with the active end of the TP behind the rest of the roll, means I have to reach farther to acquire much-needed bath tissue in a time of need (i.e. whilst defecating).  Furthermore, I fail to see any strategic advantage to the orientation on the right, which means we have to chalk up the frequency of this disadvantageous TP orientation to simple carelessness.  Motherfucker just installed a fresh roll without even checking to see if it was oriented correctly.

Take-home message:  Be mindful when changing the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, or else you’re racist.


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