Awesome, It’s One Of Those “Can’t Put Me Down On A Table” Cups

These totally make sense as a product line because if you ask me, certain cups should really only be for holding on to.  Sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether to hold a cup or put it down.  With these tumblers, you eliminate that choice.  Why give people an unnecessary option?  Make the decision for them.   If you want a drink, you have to work for it… you can’t just be a lazy-ass and put it on the table.

I’m sure you realize that was entirely sarcastic.  For real!  I don’t understand the rationale for using these cups, as opposed to disposable paper cups of the standard, flat-bottomed variety.  They are both stackable and fit neatly into a standard-issue water cooler cup cylinder.  I don’t get why anyone would opt for these.  Am I drinking from a water cooler or eating a Snow Cone?


Special Thanks To Corey Witt, whose hands truly are a work of art.

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