Backpack Mechanics

There is no cool way to run while wearing a backpack.  That’s just a fact.  Believe me, I’ve tried many, many times.  I’ve explored various shoulder strap lengths, by tightening those string things on the front of the straps and then slowly lowering the backpack toward by butt region, analyzing the backpack elevation like a professional.  But no matter what, when it comes down it, I’m never gonna try to run across the street with a backpack, appearing normal, arms a-swingin’, pretending to be just another guy running across the street.  I cannot risk having all my books and my laptop and my egg salad sandwich bouncing around uncontrollably inside my bag.  So yeah, fine, I do this light-footed little scamper while holding tightly onto the shoulder straps, to spare myself a potential laptop-and-egg-salad-related disaster.  Whatever, I’m proud of who I am, okay?

But walking with a backpack is a different story altogether.  The gentleman pictured above is employing one of the classic, bread-and-butter backpack walker techniques – the Thumb Hook Finger-clasp – to try to give his shoulders a break and maintain a reasonable posture.  This also allows him to lean his weight forward, maintaining a healthy, confident stride that almost, ALMOST, makes up for how ridiculous anyone looks trying to dress like an adult while wearing a knapsack.

Does anyone say knapsack anymore?



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