By My Calculations, Holy Crap


Pretty normal Elevator Inspection Certificate, eh?  I thought so too, which is good considering I live in this building.  Can’t be plummeting to my death in an elevator shaft; I’m way too busy for that.  Good thing the building is so well-maintained.  I can sleep well at night feeling secure in my physical wellbeing.

But I am a little worried about everyone else in the building… and it’s completely non-elevator-related.  See, the maximum weight allowed on this elevator is 1500 lbs, while the maximum number of persons allowed on the elevator at any given moment is 6.  Six.  Seriously.  This assumes an average weight of 250 lbs, and that includes all the children who live in the building with their families.  Only in America.  Either this is a gross overestimation of the average weight of the tenants in my building, or someone needs to sit these people down for a polite but firm conversation about the wonders of salad (and to clarify, I am not talking about a salad like this).


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