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Labor Day 2012

Kinda ironic that we don’t work on Labor Day, right?  It’s a day dedicated to Labor, and here we are barbequing and playing lawn darts (i.e. not working).   We’re not barbecuing or playing any fun games.  We’re toiling away and writing brilliance for you, much like this right here.  Back tomorrow.

WIR Readers – Supporters Of The Environment


It’s the 4th of July, which means you must be at a barbecue.  Which means you are looking at this post on a smart phone or a tablet computer.  Which means you are a lover of technology.  Which means that you either own or are contemplating the purchase of an electric car.  Which implies you want to reduce our dependence on the Middle East. So in summation, if you are reading this post on the 4th of July, you want to decrease America’s dependence on the Middle East.

All About The Memorials

So Memorial Day is all about the memories. So I’m gonna take advantage of that and remember the time I was walking past a book store an saw this book in the window, Is The Rectum A Grave, And Other Essays.  Anyone can find a book that tells you whether or not the rectum is a grave. The real value here is in the other essays, which answer other questions that have plagued mankind for centuries, such as “How does hand lotion really work?”,  “Is butternut squash better than Canada?” and my favorite, “How many Asian people have been to Antarctica?”


That Is A Girthy Turkey

Enjoy Thanksgiving and Black African American Friday.  Back Monday.

Oh, Joyous Labor Day!

It’s Labor Day! Congratulations going into labor!  You’re going to be a great parent, I just know it.  I hope there are enough hospital beds to accommodate all the people going into labor.

Back tomorrow.

Merry July 4th!

Fourth of July, eh?  You gonna have sex this weekend?  Or rather, did you have sex this past weekend?  We didn’t… or did we?  (We didn’t.)

See you tomorrow.


Merry Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! What are you guys doing for Memorial Day? Huh? A barbecue? You seeing some friends? Drinking? We were going to go to our buddy’s house for a barbecue or a crawfish boil or something, but that didn’t pan out because he said something about it being cancelled or something. Soooooo, we’re just sitting here… on Memorial Day, just enjoying each other’s company. On Memorial Day. Looks like we’ll be here for the foreseeable future, unless, ya know, you want to invite us to whatever it is you’re doing. Because it’s Memorial Day. Time for friendship and camaraderie and trust and stuff. No pressure. Alrighty.

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