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Plurals are Hard


debuted sentence


Admit it:  when you read the sentence in this photo, initially — even if only for a second or two — you didn’t realize that it’s the past tense of the verb debut.  Me neither.  In retrospect, I feel like a bit of a dunce… but at the same time, I doubt I’m the only one who’s occasionally thrown off by the “day-byood” vs. “dee-byooted” verbal-optical illusion.

Weirdos of the internet — we challenge you to respond with other examples of this phenomenon.  Just click “Comment” below, and face the challenge like a man/woman/gender-neutral person.  Do it.

Do it.  Please.



Just Like How Krav Maga Is Jewish Karate…


jewish egg bread


Pretty much the exact same thing happened with this lo mein truck.



Attn: Twitter Community (URGENT)

past tense

Grammar question — Is twat the past tense of the verb ‘tweet’?

If not, can we make it so, effective immediately?  We look forward to hearing from you.  In fact, we are anxiously awaiting your response, Twitter folks.



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