Cockroach Lovers?

TWO DEAD COCKROACHES, HAND-IN-HAND?!?  It’s very unusual to see this.  I need to know what the hell happened here.  These disgusting things are supposed to be indestructible, able to survive a nuclear attack, etc.  Some limbs appear to have been ripped off the one on the left (and it is on its back), while the one on the right is on its stomach.

Here’s my theory – I think it’s pretty clear that we are dealing with a “Romeo & Juliet” type double suicide.  Wait, hear me out.  Crap.  That’s all I’ve got, but it’s true, dammit.  Total double suicide, and the one on the left is the girl (let’s call her Juliet) because it’s obviously so much prettier than the one on the right.  No duh…


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