Disney And Al Pacino Lied To Me


Ever notice how, in general, godmothers and godfathers are COMPLETELY different, seemingly incompatible types of people?  The word “godfather” makes me picture a successful, sophisticated, ruthless gangster.  “Godmother,” on the other hand, conjures up images of a sweet old lady in a fairy tale, who probably makes children’s lives better with the wondrous power of magic and apple cider.

The marriage between a godmother and godfather must be quite difficult, requiring compromise and sacrifices from both of them throughout their lives.  Here are some key differences that likely create some cultural barriers between them at first:

 Godmother                    vs.                        Godfather

Makes dreams come true

Drug trafficking and prostitution

Has magical powers and a wand

Has no magical ability (or wand)

Hooded periwinkle shawl

Fine Italian 3-piece suit (black)

Brightens our day with a smile

Orders hits on his enemies

From a made-up land far, far away

Of Italian descent

Presumably, they work out the marital kinks after a year or two, and then it’s smooth sailing after that.  Good for them.


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