Does That Mean I Can Exit On Either Side Too?

“Wait a tick… we need a ‘Please enter on either side’ sign,” Russell said to himself, inexplicably thinking he had solved a serious restroom traffic problem.

Russell, for future reference, this sign is the single most pointless sign in existence. Think about it. Let’s say a guy approaches this men’s room and reads this sign. What happens? He picks a side, either side, and enters. Now, if you can, imagine a world where this sign does not exist. That same guy approaches this same men’s room, and after surveying the scene, he sees that he must go either left or right. What’s he gonna go? I’ll tell you what he’s gonna do. He’s gonna fucking go left or right. He’s gonna enter on either side. He sees it’s the men’s room, and that’s all he needs to know. He’s gonna have to walk one way or the other, because he isn’t gonna walk straight into the wall, and he’s certainly not gonna make an about face and shit his pants.

Like I said, pointless.


Special Thanks To Buzz Bambrook for risking looking like a perv in order to snap this photo of a public men’s room entryway.

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