Don’t Think Too Much; Just Smile And Let It Go

“I have absolutely no idea which part of whose body my hand is resting on at the moment,” thought Freddy, while posing for an arms-around-each-other group photo.  “Oh well… no time to dwell on it.  Good thing I look so snazzy in these scrubs.”

Our pal Freddy finds himself in a situation that most of us have become familiar with, in the camera-using world.  You and a group of friends are posing for a photo to commemorate some sort of gathering, and naturally, you form a slightly curved horizontal line with your arms around one another.  I mean, it’s not like there are too many reasonable choreography choices here.  It’s already weird enough that you’re wearing full scrubs in what appears to be a high school hallway (judging by the lockers on the left side), so this formation is basically your only viable option, in terms of demonstrating some sort of normal behavior.

But still, your hand is resting on someone’s something, and you have no motherfreaking idea what it is or who it belongs to.  You’re pretty knowledgeable when it comes to human anatomy, but even your experienced hands can’t tell if your hand currently is resting on one of your friends’ shoulder, upper back, neck, or 4th nipple.  You sure are curious, but if you turn and look to see where your hand is placed, you’ll ruin the photo, which is a major party foul.  Again, why you’d all be wearing full scrubs to a party in a high school hallway is beyond me, but hey, you’re all individuals with free will, doing as you damn well please.  It’s a free country, right?

Seriously, though, who am I fondling right now?


Special Thanks To Elizabeth Ranson, Amanda Widing, and David Xu for not suing us for using this photo without asking first. You’re all beautiful.

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