Dress Shirts Should Come With Voucher For A Free Dry Cleaning

You think I own an iron?  Obviously not.  Which means the only way this brand new shirt is going to look presentable is for me to get it dry cleaned.  Which is ridiculous, considering the shirt is already clean and delicious.  Why haven’t they developed some sort of way to package shirts such that they are wearable from the moment you unwrap them?  And what’s even more ridiculous is that this is a non-iron shirt!  Shouldn’t that, by definition, mean that I should never have to iron it?  This of all shirts should never get wrinkled.  Ever.   So I guess non-iron actually means that you need to perform an inaugural iron (or in my case, do an inaugural dry cleaning), and thereafter you should be in the clear.  I can’t believe I have to go to the cleaners now.


Special Thanks To Kris Olsen for getting fed up with this one too many times.

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