Efficiency At Its Finest

“Is it raining?” wondered Demitri, as he rotated his right hand to the “Carrying-a-tray-of-hors-de-oeuvres” position.  The clouds above him were ominous—there was no doubt about that.  But he just couldn’t be certain as to whether or not it was actually raining.  What else could he have done?  He was by himself.  There weren’t any random people around that he could ask… but even if there were, Demitri’s aversion to fleeting interactions would certainly lessen the chances of that happening.  All that was left to do was to face his palm toward the sky and feel for little droplets—a task that no other part of his body could have done with such exacting precision.

This is what we do when we want to determine if it’s raining.


One Response to “Efficiency At Its Finest”

  1. Anesh says:

    What Demitri failed to realize though is that the droplets he felt on his palm were in fact not rain, but a dripping air conditioner unit from apartment 5H.

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