Efficiency In Commuting

If you think these people are simply standing at random along the subway platform, you are sorely mistaken.  Take for example this woman up front in the tan jacket and the exquisitely attractive army-green boa  (let’s caller her Claudette). Claudette knows that by standing precisely where she is (i.e., beneath the “L” sign), not only will she be directly in front of the door when the train arrives, but she will also be closest to the escalator when the doors open at her destination.  Further supporting my hypothesis about Claudette is the fact that at this particular station, there is only one exit, and it is at the other end of the platform (note the exit sign in the distance).  Claudette clearly didn’t walk the length of the station just because she felt like it.  She did so because she is an efficient woman.  I mean, look at her…


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