Life’s Little Pleasures: Enjoying a Burp

Most human burps have a foul, warm, tomatoey tang to them.  Sometimes, they even burn the throat a little bit on their way out – an overall unpleasant ordeal.  Yet, on very rare occasion, I can get into a burp; you know, actually enjoy it.  A beautiful, gassy, fading memory of a recent meal, waiting to be belched onto my taste buds for the next 30-45 minutes.  Prior to yesterday, the last time I experienced this phenomenon was March of the year 2010, after a generous helping of hummus with pine nuts.

Pine nut hummus is a traditionally delicious food, so I guess, logically, it makes sense that post-hummus belches can be enjoyable.  Yesterday, though, a brussel sprouts burp took me by surprise.  I know, right?  Of all the foods in the world, I never imagined that brussel sprouts could possibly create a pleasant burp-taste.  But it did.  I’m not kidding.


Special Thanks To Ali & Ido for whipping up those exquisite sprouts.

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