Familiar Faces: “Do I Know You?”

That dude right there looks vaguely familiar… I think.  Hmmm.  Yes.  Pretty sure he used to date this tall girl who lived down the hall from me freshman year…

I’m like 65% sure it’s him, which are pretty good odds, but not good enough to make me feel comfortable approaching him with an unabashed greeting of recognition.  Plus, even if it’s him, I don’t remember if his name is Steve or Greg.  I’m 90% sure it’s either Steve or Greg, but have no idea which one.  Shit, maybe it’s actually Craig.  And let’s not forget, there’s always the remaining 10% chance that I have absolutely no idea what his name is and, admittedly, a 35% chance I don’t know who he is altogether.  Clearly, I am not positioned to dole out an emphatic greeting.

But I don’t want to be rude, in case he noticed me evaluating him and firmly recognizes me as that dude who lived down the hall from his tall ex-girlfriend freshman year.  Without the confidence to speak up at first, I flash him this lopsided squinty half-smile, thereby communicating that I think I might know him but am not entirely sure, but don’t want to be rude in the event that it’s him.  I might even stick my index finger up in the air, not quite pointing at him, but enough in his direction that if he recognizes me, he will know the point was meant for him.  He’ll totally get it.

This is the “Do I Know You?” Face.


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