Familiar Faces: I’m Peeing In The Ocean

“It’s okay… no one’s looking.  I can totally pull this off”, thought the ocean urinator, while boldly peeing into the ocean.  “Stay calm.  Look like I’m just hanging out.  Minding my business.  Just enjoying the ocean.”

Buddy, I’m looking, and I can tell that you’re peeing.  Three key indicators:  Eyes gazing off into the distance, trying to create a façade of relaxation.  Arms slightly bent off to the side because you really don’t know what else to do with them. Openmouthed wincing grin, resulting from the gratification derived from drainage of the bladder, while at the same time, wondering if particles from the ocean are getting inside his peehole.  I mean, his urethra is obviously spread wide open since he’s peeing.  It’s a valid concern.

This is the “I’m Peeing in the Ocean” Face.


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