Familiar Faces: Reaching For Your Wallet

I wish I carried a purse.  There, I said it.  You women with your fancy pocketbooks.  You think it’s easy to be a guy?  It isn’t.  You get that big, spacious purse to hold all your wallets and cell phones and diaphragms and stuff.  I have to cram everything into a 4-inch pocket.

So if I need to reach for my wallet, I’m gonna make this face.  Because I really am straining.  You think I want to look like this?  Don’t you think I’d rather just casually reach into a purse while smiling handsomely?  Of course I would.  But the reality is, my man-jungle is wrapped tightly in this denim, and if I cringe (NOT smile — cringe), I’ll have a better chance of reaching the wallet without having to physically stand up.  What?  Like you’re so perfect?   Don’t sass me.

This is the “Reaching for Your Wallet” face.


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