Good Thing I Have A Few Thousand Dollars To Kill

Somebody please explain to me who the target market is for this Brooks Brothers store smack in the middle of the airport terminal.  I don’t see the “I have 15-minutes to kill before my flight so I might as well hop off the moving walkway to buy a $3,000 suit” market segment being a large one.

Travelers who need a suit… Let’s see. You have businessmen, who probably already have plenty of suits.   And you have people going to an affair, who most likely have already figured out their outfits.  That’s it.  That just about covers the entire spectrum of suit-needing travelers.

What does this all mean?  It means that, apparently, the “Someone’s baby regurgitated on me, I have to go straight to a meeting, and I’m wealthy” and the “My cousin’s wedding starts in an hour, the airline lost my luggage, and I’m wealthy” markets are so lucrative that certain stores cater specifically to them.

Maybe I should open a guitar shop inside a theme park to make the “I’m wealthy, 18 years old, and want to serenade my girlfriend while waiting in line for the log flume” population feel special.


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