Got Me One Of These New Blueteeth

Bluetooth devices and headphone-style microphones have a massive social implication that I think many people are overlooking.  Let’s first discuss the obvious.  These devices are convenient and keep your hands free; however, it tends to be a bit odd when you see people walking around the mall, creepily talking to themselves, considering half the time you don’t even see the Bluetooth.

Now consider this.  Walking through the mall, or the streets of Manhattan, or anywhere really, we’re always solicited by people for any number of reasons—to buy things, support a cause, sign up for shit, whatever.  If, however, you’re on your cell phone when these irritating solicitors spot you, they usually won’t bother you. And half the time, when people have Bluetooth devices, you don’t even see them. It just looks like you’re talking to yourself, but you’re on the phone.

Do you see where I’m going with this?  Are you following?  If you spot someone that’s about to solicit you for something, just start talking to yourself!  Doesn’t even matter if you have a Bluetooth or not!  Just start speaking and say anything.  The person will just assume you have a Bluetooth device, because you look like a fine and normal person (right?) and clearly you’re not crazy.


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