Grandma’s Medicine Cabinet

My grandparents currently possess prescription ointment that expired in 1986.  It’s been expired for 25 years!  How can they possibly remember what this ointment does or which body part slash crevice it’s for?

Are they saving it for a special occasion?  Perhaps it does something incredible, and they don’t want to waste it.  Did they just forget about this particular ointment? Does this ointment get better with age?  Do they know something I don’t?

I can only imagine the value of the quality, aged ciggitch that must have amassed on the applicator tip in the dank, moist environment that is the neglected back corner of a bathroom cabinet… Prized ciggitch.  Life-changing ciggitch.  Show dog caliber ciggitch.  Emmy Award-winning ciggitch.  Organic, oven-roasted, free-range ciggitch.

(Click the ‘ciggitch’ link above if this makes no sense to you.)



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