Headphones Knot

Headphones Knot

This happens every time I keep my headphones in my pocket.  Catastrophic.

A headphones knot is different from, say, a massive tangle in the squiggly cord of an old 1990s non-cordless phone.  Now, those phone cord tangles could get pretty disastrous; don’t get me wrong.  But a headphones knot is especially strenuous, as it often happens in public, when you face the challenge of disengaging this audiophonic devil-knot in front of onlookers.  Possibly many onlookers… watching, judging, giggling.  I mean, sure, technically, they could be giggling about ANYTHING, but in the interest of paranoid musings, I’ll assume all these hypothetical onlookers are giggling at me, directly.  Those snide motherfuckers.  The same kind of people who would silently or audibly judge you for doing this.

Anyway, these knots are a pain in the ass.


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