Hey, Look! There’s Ice In This Urinal!

I love peeing on ice.  I love it.  If given the option, I would urinate on ice exclusively.  All the warm urine glazing that glistening ice prairie, making a light crackling sound akin to that of 2% milk gently douching a heaping pour of Rice Krispies.

I hope you’re not eating Rice Krispies right now.

It’s unfortunate that all of our female readers probably never knew of this phenomenon.  Short of getting creative at home, women will never get to relish in one of life’s innocent pleasures and recognize the therapeutic value of this sound.   As such, I propose that alarm clock manufacturers amend their traditional lineup of soothing sleep sounds:  Rainforest.  Ocean Waves.  Thunderstorm.  Urine Hitting Ice.

Plus, it’s fun, okay?  It’s fun to melt ice with your own pee.



One Response to “Hey, Look! There’s Ice In This Urinal!”

  1. Buzz says:

    Female readers? Highly doubtful.

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