How Noble Of You…


iPhone autocorrects Hitler


Okay, Apple, we get it… you guys are super progressive citizens of the universe and blah, blah, blah.  The above autocorrect suggests that you are literally trying to pretend that you don’t know the term “Hitler.”  Hitler… arguably the most famous historical figure of the past century, and his name is not recognized by your very broad dictionary of terms?  If I type “Kard” into a text message, it automatically inserts “Kardashian,” but Hitler?  Nope, apparently, Apple is unfamiliar with this name.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that you also claim to literally not see race.  “Oh, is Alex Rodriguez of Latino heritage?  Since I’m such an altruist, I’d never make such a bold assumption.”  Please…

Also — with regard to the recommended autocorrect substitutions — what did “Lee” ever do to you, and why do you want to hit him?  I think maybe you’re falsely blaming Hitler’s actions on this Lee character, which is totally unfair.  So no, I will not “hit Lee” just because you refuse to acknowledge that Hitler was an actual person.

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