I Bet You Count Audibly At The Gym

“Using my eyes to read a book is clearly not an efficient process,” thought Charlie as he moved his lips in tandem with the words he saw on the page.  “This sure makes the content easier to digest.  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise is not at all comprehensible by simply looking at the pages.  When I mix in a little lip action, the words come to life!   Now we’re talking!”

NO, Charlie.  Now we are not taking. This is only acceptable if you are an eight year old.  If you are above eight years of age and you mouth and/or audibly whisper the words while you read to yourself, you should make a concerted effort to learn about the wonders of internal comprehension.  Okay?   You’re not reciting a soliloquy. The only time this is ever acceptable is if you are sharing the story with a deaf person who is highly skilled at lip reading.  I don’t think this was the case above with Charlie.


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