I Don’t Think You Need To Tell It That You’re Also Going To The Lobby


No, that’s definitely a smart thing to do.  The lobby button was already pushed when you walked in, but you needed to be certain.  After all, that little red spot in the middle could have been lit up for some other reason.  For example, the elevator maintenance guy could have been in here earlier, running a test to make sure that the light for the lobby button was working, and he unintentionally left it illuminated once he confirmed it was, in fact, working.

I suppose if that scenario did actually occur, it’d be feasible that the elevator wasn’t already heading for the lobby when you got on.  But if that were, in fact, the case, that would mean that another floor should have also been selected when you walked into the elevator and saw me already inside.  Because if no other floors were selected, and you legitimately thought that the lobby button was lit up for a reason other than me already riding to the lobby, that would imply that I was riding the elevator with no apparent destination.  Are you following my logic?


One Response to “I Don’t Think You Need To Tell It That You’re Also Going To The Lobby”

  1. ravi says:

    The logic behind the extra press is that if you enter the elevator, and don’t press a button, the doors take a longer time to close….duh

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