I Guess It’s Better Than Sanka

Kind of ironic that Flavia’s slogan is “think fresh”, no?  Flavia is pre-packaged coffee that is condensed into a small airtight ketchup-packet and stored on a shelf for years, only to be brewed via a fire hydrant-like machine that jet pumps hot water through the plastic package to produce “coffee”.  Ya know what?  Maybe that’s why their slogan is “think fresh”, because where there’s a will, there’s a way my friends!  It may not be fresh, but if you think fresh, perhaps you will conjure up some enjoyment.  Maybe Spam should put a label on the container that says “think meat”.

Special Thanks To Matt Olson who employs this “think” strategy regularly.  This is probably why he loves EZ Cheese (think sliced cheese!).


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