I Wonder if Dunlop Accounts For These Tennis Balls In Their Sales Projections

How is it possible that we have the technology to transfer money from your savings account to your checking account from a mobile phone, but no one has developed a product that decreases friction between the ground and the leg nubs of a walker?  I am not comfortable with the idea of a frail old man hacking apart pressurized tennis balls with a box cutter in order to enjoy a leisurely stroll to the dermatologist.

Maybe the balls come with the walker… or are available as an add-on in a deluxe package.  But if not, think about the possibilities.  We could sell Walkerballs with pre-drilled nub holes.  And then there’s the opportunity for Custom Designed Walkerballs (“CDWs”) to show off your personality to the world.  New York Yankees CDWs.  Louis Vuitton CDWs.  A pair of CDWs with your grandson’s face on them (like those t-shirts at the mall, but as a CDW).


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  1. Carly says:

    The reason old people put tennis balls on walkers is because they don’t want them to scuff the floors when they walk inside. It has nothing to do with friction. As a soon-to-be-physical therapist, I can say this with some degree of certainty.

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