It Happens To The Best Of Us?


Dammit… stupid humidity. I’ve been sitting for two hours. Now my undies are sticking to my butt cheeks, and I’m not happy about it. It’s not quite a wedgie, since the fabric has not infiltrated my crack, but rather has stuck to the warm, moist skin along the surface of my tooshie. I’m not gross; you’re gross.

It’s okay… just keep smiling.  Ugh, I feel like everyone can tell.  But realistically, how could they possibly?  No one can see through my jeans, and this is strictly an underpants issue. Na’ mean? Denim is opaque. That’s what I’m saying, basically.

Regardless, I need to peel this soggy cotton off of my gluteus ASAP. Probably gonna have to incorporate a maneuver like this into my game plan. Problem soon to be solved.


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