It’s Cheaper Than Waxing…


How have we not come up with a better product for proving to a bouncer that one has already been inside a club, concert, or what have you?  I mean, sure, we have those ink stamps, but sometimes, a brother wants to shake his creamy, white butt inside a hot concert venue, which raises his body temperature.  Naturally, his hands get sweaty, which smudges the stamp, rendering it useless and necessitating the use of something sturdier.

But come on, dude, why this sticky paper bracelet?  Regardless of the experience level of the bouncer, my arm hair always, ALWAYS, get caught in these things.  And it stings, okay?  It stings.  I will say, however, that ripping these off my arm at the end of the night is kinda fun.  I like to tear it clean off, screaming like a barbarian while I do.  Makes a man feel good, know what I mean?

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