It’s The Little Victories That Get Me Through The Day


“Yeah, baby!  WOOOOOOOOOO!!!  WHO’S THE MAN?!!   I am.  It’s me.  I’m the man,” thought I… for I had just won a prize on a scratch-off lotto ticket.

There’s nothing quite like the sweet taste of victory after winning on one of these scratch-offs, especially if it involves adding up a series of numbers, trying to reach a goal number. The anticipation is palpable as you scratch away that weird, sandy, outer layer of the ticket, slowly revealing one number at a time, every move potentially taking you closer to a win.  This is a big deal, guys.

Okay, fine, so what if all I won back is the $1.00 I already spent on this scratch-off lotto ticket in the first place?  You know what?  Screw you for trying to belittle my accomplishments. Dick. I’m a lottery winner, okay?  A lottery winner.


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