Maybe He Should Thank Me For Thanking Him

“I’m going to thank you for holding this door for me, but the thank-you will apply for the second door as well,” thought Deangelo as he looked into the eyes of the man who held the door for him.  Deangelo did not want to have to deliver a second thank-you, because let’s be honest—second thank-yous can get awkward.  He was hoping that the look he flashed to the man would convey the notion that the initial thank-you would be a blanket thank-you and cover all subsequent actions that could warrant a thank-you, such as holding the door on the opposite side of the vestibule.

But seriously, am I an asshole if I just walk right through the second door silently?  It’s similar to saying “bless you” after every sneeze during a friend’s multi-sneeze cascade.  Clearly not doing that.  It’s assumed that all sneezes are covered by the first bless-you, and then maybe a final gesundheit for good measure.   Sometimes you give the initial bless-you and then another bless-you if he sneezes again, and then when you realize it’s gonna be a lengthy ordeal, you suspend all further bless-yous until it is clear that the onslaught is complete, and then you knock it out of the park with one final bless-you.  You know, a really unbelievable bless-you.


Special Thanks To Corey Witt for sharing with us the etiquette conundrums he struggles with on a regular basis.

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