Maybe They Should Have Also Charged Me A Check-in Fee When I Arrived Last Night

‘Splain something to me.  I can only assume the 20% service charge represents the tip, so what’s with this two dollar “trip charge” that the hotel opted to tack on to my room service check?   It’s room service!   By definition, they have to bring it up to my room, so now they’re charging me for their “trip”?  By this logic, if I were to come down to the kitchen to pick up my food and save them a trip, I wouldn’t pay the $2.  But then it wouldn’t be room service!  Am I missing something?

I got it.  Maybe the waiter physically tripped while transporting the food and this is their compensation.  Kinda like an occupational hazard, if you’re gonna carry trays of food throughout a hotel, occasionally you’re gonna fall.  And when that happens, you get compensation in the form of two American dollars.  Sorry man, I tripped on my way up.  Gotta call the kitchen and have them update your bill.


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