MJ By Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs started his career with one goal in mind—to use his name in as many permutations as possible.   He began with the logical choice, the Marc Jacobs line, which was an instant success.  But then, the prospects turned bleak.  Sales slowed.  People were no longer excited.  Enter Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Brill.  Now we can release more pocketbooks and consumers will think it’s the new hot stuff.  But, my friends, Marc by Marc Jacobs could only last so long, because after a few years, consumers realized that Marc by Marc Jacobs was pretty much the same as Marc Jacobs, except there was a little extra ink on each article, due to the two additional words in the brand name (“Marc” and “by”).  So he needed something fresh, something exciting.  Well ladies and gentleman, I present to you, Jacobs by Marc Jacobs.  An all-new line of already existing products.  Fuck Marc Jacobs.  There, I said it.


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