Overcrowded Single-Occupancy Men’s Room

I think you’ve got the whole human waste disposal thing taken care of with the toilet. There’s really no reason you need to bring an auxiliary urinal into the equation just because it’s the men’s room. Looks like the owner of this bar wants to segregate bodily wastes at all costs… he must be a part of the whole “uro-fecal segregation” movement I’ve been hearing so much about.

“If you have to shit, fine, use the toilet,” said the Owner. He continued, “But if you have to pee, do NOT use the toilet. Urinal’s to the left. And don’t even think about dropping off a combo platter into this toilet. You know the deal—urinate to left, defecate to the right. Go back and forth 6 times if you have to, I don’t fucking care. Even if you squeeze out a few and then need to pee a little more, stand up, do your business in the urinal, retreat to the toilet. Everyone knows you can’t mix urine and feces in the same toilet. Are you fucking nuts? You wanna kill everyone in here?”




3 Responses to “Overcrowded Single-Occupancy Men’s Room”

  1. Corey says:

    I always thought it was a double occupancy bathroom with no thought to personal space.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    I appreciate the humor, but just for the sake of accuracy, the urinal is there so that men who only have to pee don’t spray their urine all over the inside of the restroom, as men tend to do in their peeing-while-standing-up way. Go into any men’s restroom that doesn’t have a urinal, and if it hasn’t been cleaned in the last 30 minutes, there will be piss on the floor, the seat, the walls, and possibly the ceiling.

  3. Mongo says:

    I think it’s so drunk dudes don’t piss all over the toilet.

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