Peeing on the Side of the Bowl to Reduce Noise


We recognize that not everyone is blessed with a thick, well-rounded urine stream.  And while that’s perfectly fine, let’s be honest—you can’t have your new girlfriend’s parents knowing how weak your stream is and listening to the irregular “stop-and-go” nature of your urine flow.  And even if you do have a respectable, audible stream, you don’t want to disrupt everyone’s conversation in the living room.  What’s the solution?  Side-bowl urine deflection.  That’s what.

There are practical applications of this technique.  Maybe you got home after curfew.   Better urinate on the side of the bowl, or else the deafening sound of your urine stream pummeling the water is going to wake up your parents.  I’m really, really good at hitting the side of the bowl.  In fact, I’m so good that I could even rent out my services.  If you’re heading home after curfew and you don’t want your parents to wake up from your thunderous urination, just give me a ring.  I’ll be there in no time.  I’ll grab your cock and make sure your urine stream doesn’t come within 4 inches of the water.  And it’s guaranteed – if for some reason I fail, I won’t even charge you, which essentially would mean that I came over and grabbed your cock for free, which doesn’t say too much about me or my values or my morals or my self-worth, but hey, I was trying to help, and I take solace in that.

And for the record, yes, Blake or Matt (we’re not telling who) stood there with a camera while the other one urinated on the side of the bowl.  What, like you’re so perfect?


One Response to “Peeing on the Side of the Bowl to Reduce Noise”

  1. ravi says:

    Based on your relative hights, as well as the angle & arch of the stream, and addition to an obvious use of camera zoom, I’m guessing that Gey is the photog.

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