Pi Equals Three Point One Four One Five Nine Two…

Ooooo, FANCY – the number 477 written in a cursive font.  So regal.  This must be where the Queen lives… the Queen of Unnecessarily-Long-Written-Number-Land.  OHHHHHH, dissed and dismissed, son!  Does it hurt?  I bet it does.

But seriously, the written, lettered form of a number serves no functional purpose whatsoever.  In fact, it can create needless confusion, especially if a person trying to arrive at that written address happens to suck at reading/writing cursive.  “477” is just so much simpler, and best of all, it’s universal.  These numerical digits are recognized and understood all around the world.  It’s a beautiful thing, right?  Can’t see how that could possibly be a negative.  So why do we waste our time on this nonsense?

Truth is, at the end of the day, I do have a soft spot for certain weirdo examples of this numbers phenomenon; for example, those addresses like 27-45 N. Dingus Blvd., with a two-part house number.  If I lived there, I’d probably put up an official sign that reads, “Twenty Seven Hyphen Forty Five North Dingus Boulevard.”  See?  Now, it’s totally classy, because I spelled out hyphen.  It’s probably safe to assume that house has a perfect entertainment setup to enjoy the acclaimed television series “Beverly Hills, Nine Oh Two One Oh.”  After all, this is the year two thousand twelve, is it not?


Special Thanks To Ms. Alexandra Fine for bringing this urgent matter to my attention a few years ago, like a damn revolutionary.

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  1. Pone Trony says:

    Also, why is the seven the only number that doesn’t start with a capital letter? Did they run out of obnoxious cursive capital S’s, or does the fact that it’s only a single digit somehow diminish its importance? Seems to me that the last digit is the only one that counts. You know, for the mailman.

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