Plurals are Hard


debuted sentence


Admit it:  when you read the sentence in this photo, initially — even if only for a second or two — you didn’t realize that it’s the past tense of the verb debut.  Me neither.  In retrospect, I feel like a bit of a dunce… but at the same time, I doubt I’m the only one who’s occasionally thrown off by the “day-byood” vs. “dee-byooted” verbal-optical illusion.

Weirdos of the internet — we challenge you to respond with other examples of this phenomenon.  Just click “Comment” below, and face the challenge like a man/woman/gender-neutral person.  Do it.

Do it.  Please.



One Response to “Plurals are Hard”

  1. Steve R. says:

    One time I was reading out loud during a high school class, and I mispronounced sometimes like sum-uh-tim-miss. Got a good laugh and I felt like a clown. Good times!

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