Racial Profiling At Its Finest


I’ve set a lofty goal for myself in life.  At some point, I would like for two or more people to speak about me in Japanese, right in front of my face, assuming that I won’t understand.  And then for me to completely bitch them out in Japanese.  Surprise bitches!  I speak Japanese!

Of course, I don’t actually speak Japanese.   This is why I indicated that it’s a lofty goal of mine, because A) I would need to learn Japanese well enough to recognize when someone is talking about me, B) be able to understand what they are saying so I could bitch them out effectively, and C) Japanese speaking individuals would then need to make disparaging remarks about me in front of my very face.

I’m confident that if I were to actually go through with learning Japanese, I could make the second part of my goal happen relatively easily.  I could just go to my local sushi spot and be a complete jerk to two perfectly nice Japanese people.  So this really hinges on me learning Japanese.  So this probably isn’t gonna happen {sigh}.


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