Say What Now?

No.  Nuh uh.  Absolutely not.  I like to try new things and all, but there’s a limit to what species of dairy I’m willing to rub all over myself everyday.  As a matter of fact, the idea of rubbing ANY kind of lathery milk product through every crevice of my body is effing disgusting… like even the breast milk of a dozen Brazilian supermodels or other milks of that caliber.  But a GOAT?  Seriously?  With that idiotic picture on the box, right next to the logo for I’m guessing the manufacturer of this product:  Canus.  Yup… CANUS.  ‘Anus’ is in there, which is generally a downer in terms of the whole cleanliness thing.

Dear lord, look at the text on the bottom of the box – they’re bragging about using FRESH goat’s milk, as opposed to rancid, maggoty, clumpy goat’s milk.  Bravo… NOT.  <in your face>

I’ll just continue to use goat-free soap.


One Response to “Say What Now?”

  1. Andrew says:

    You realize that all soap is made from FAT and lye right? Where do you think the fat comes from? At lease the milk isn’t cut of some dead animal.

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