Serious Boyfriend

“You know what, guys? I really like Andrea.”


“Yeah! I think I’m going to ask her to go steady. What do you think?”

“I don’t know, man. I heard Andrea has a pretty serious boyfriend.”

She does, friend. She does. The question is, what the hell does that even mean? “Serious boyfriend” could mean two very different things: Is their relationship serious, as in longstanding, intense and very sexual? Or is her boyfriend serious, as in somber and reflective (like the grey-sweatshirted gentleman pictured above)?

If it’s the latter, then I think I have a chance. Sure, I’m a jokester, but I’ve got a serious side too. I can talk about world issues and the economy and shit, like a serious boyfriend does. I can sit there and look miserably pensive while everyone else is having a blast. No problem. Gotta figure out which version of “serious boyfriend” I’m dealing with.

Just thought I’d throw that conundrum out there. Mull it over, na’mean?


Special Thanks To Meta Weiss, Dave Requiro and Tobin Low for posing for this photo… and, of course, the reach-arounds that ensued immediately after.

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