Single Napkin Efficiency

“Aww mannnnnnn”, thought Timmy, “How could they only give me one napkin?”  This lone napkin does not provide Timmy with enough real estate to dismantle his entire burrito.  Now he’s got to budget his wipes and carefully distribute individual smudges to isolated sectors of the napkinspace.

Good thing he’s got a plan.  He unfolds the napkin entirely, exposing all available surface area.  Throughout the meal, he folds the napkin to enclose soiled napkinspace and expose virgin terrain.  Note the blotting technique.  This maximizes precision, as smearing can increase the size of any particular smudge and waste precious napkinspace.  Direct all movement inward toward the mouth.  Sweep in loose debris for ingestion.

Timmy was intelligent.  Had he wiped conventionally, he would have had to resort to using the plastic bag as a napkin mid-meal… which, as it turns out, is not the best way to get refried beans out of your facial hair.



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