The Buzzer Buffer

If you have ever lived in an apartment with a buzzer, you’re familiar with this.  If not, I’ll explain.  Visitors enter the building by buzzing up to your apartment, and then you push a button to open the outside door.  You then know that you have a specific amount of time before the visitor reaches your door to do any last minute preparations.  You may need to throw on a shirt or clean something up.  Or hide something.  You grow accustomed to your buzzer buffer.  You rely on it.

Now, suppose the visitor bypasses the buzzer because he is granted access to the building by a third party exiting the building.  Like some random heroin addict exiting the building.  Or some random slut exiting the building.  Anyway, your unannounced visitor just walks to your door and knocks, eliminating your buzzer buffer.  You panic.  There may not even be anything incriminating in the apartment at all… or you might be butt naked, doing pilates.

So do me (and yourselves) a favor, and buzz up.  Or else you’re definitely going to see me ass naked, doing fucking pilates.


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