The Chinese Have A Home, No Matter Where They Go

I don’t understand why every major city has a “Chinatown”, while no other ethnicities are awarded “towns” consistently.  Just to be clear, I have nothing against Chinatowns.  I love Chinatowns.  I’ll visit and slurp a bubble tea like a Chinese gentleman.  But what about other ethnicities?  Don’t they feel underrepresented?  I would love to walk around several square blocks of Little India in the middle of Chicago.  Or perhaps a neighborhood in downtown Miami simply referred to as the “Pakistan Sector”.  But nope.  Just Chinatowns everywhere I go.  With all the love we give to China, they better have a network of America Districts in all of their major cities.  You know, a place where an expat would feel at home with the likes of Abercrombie and Fitch and Shake Weights and spicy tuna rolls.


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