The Manual Leg Cross

“I sure could go for a change of pace right now,” thought Anfernee, halfway through a seminar.  “Crossing my leg would really hit the spot.”

He tries to cross his leg the normal casual way, but his long-ass legs will not cooperate.  It’s possible that this auditorium was designed for hobbits.  Anfernee has already kicked the guy in front of him twice, and not by choice.  A precarious situation, indeed.  Note the sweaty brow.  He’s working hard here.  Kinda looks like he’s making the “Reaching for your Wallet” Face… but don’t be fooled.  This is NOT the “Reaching for your Wallet” Face.  Just a human being using his arms to try to manually cross his leg.

I imagine Anfernee needs to use this technique pretty often, like at a restaurant, for example.  He can’t just be recklessly flailing his leg into a crossed position because he’ll probably wind up kicking the bottom of the table by accident.  Loud noise, spilled drinks, broken hearts.  So he leans back, grabs that ankle, and then slowly eases his stringbean-like leg into a comfy cross.  Aaahhhhhhhhh, sensational.  Go Anfernee.



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