The Sweat Napkin

With the colder half of the year finally upon us, I feel compelled to write a formal goodbye (slash love-letter of sorts) to one of my favorite self-made amenities – the sweat napkin.  I’ve thrown together a variety of makeshift hygienic products in my day, but the sweat napkin is kinda my crowning achievement.  See, I walk around all day with a few napkins in my pocket (or sometimes a paper towel, depending on what’s available at the time), and when my face and/or lower back get all slimy during bouts of heat or humidity, I wipe that perspiration right off my skin.  The napkin absorbs it all.  Pretty basic, really.

What I’m saying is, when it comes to forehead moisture, I’m like the freaking lovechild of MacGyver and Martha Stewart.  It’s such a simple thing that I can’t believe no one else has thought of it.  What?  Don’t be mad at me.  You’re the one who missed the opportunity to invent the sweat napkin.


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